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Multiplex - Duplexe -Triplex - Quadruplex

Maitre inspecteur offers home and condo buyers exceptional value, service and support during your Montreal home inspection or building inspection service.

Our approach assesses more than 500 hundreds systems components and subcomponents of your home.

Avoid any surprises – Call a building engineer

With more than 25 years’ experience in the construction industry and more than 10 years in building inspection, we will offer to every client a complete report with precise photos, illustrations and links.

Easy to reads an understand, our reports contain valuable information wich will help you to take an informed decision about the purchase of your home.

Condominium suite inspections are limited to the unit we inspect and include electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, window and door operation, and functional condition of finishes.

More than that, our professional team can help you to understand your main responsibility’s and to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of your Condo Management Company and Board of Directors.

We can analyse with you any technical audit of the building done in connection with the reserve fund and this will help you determine the actual condition of the building.

We can comment with you the minutes of the condominium corporation meetings for the last few years as this will disclose signs of exterior and/or maintenance problems.

Make sure your inspector reviews the most recent status certificate to determine the general condition of the building and its’ potential deficiencies. Most importantly, determine if there is enough working capital in the condo reserve fund for immediate and/or future repair items and other contingencies without you being subjected to a new assessment and cash call.


In a case that you are looking to buy a multiplex (duplex, triplex, fourplex and so on) Maître Inspecteur could help you to take an informed decision about your investment property.

We are also real estate investors, and we have rental property on our portfolio so we understand perfectly what you need to see and to know about your building.

We also understand that you do not want to lose money with your rental property.

We inspect any kind of building, and we know perfectly how old buildings are built especially in Montreal or Plateau area.

This kind of property requires specific knowledge about construction technics which we do not use anymore.

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